Chez Bong [Ponyta]

September 5th, 2018 

Hey there, everybody!
How are you doing? I am doing good, so far, this is my second day of school! I absolutely love that I was given the chance to get yet another degree. Hopefully, I can totally do this…

At any rate, due to me being stranded on the Montreal Island (due to school), it might be more possible for me to get more posts out! In preparation of these scheduled posts (to answer some people who constantly ask me why I only most every month, it’s because I need this blog to stay afloat, so that it is at least active once per month. My fellow collaborators can contribute for the rest of the month, all right?), I have GOT to finish these particular posts, so let’s get started!!

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Hot Dog & Cie [Ponyta]

June 5th, 2018 

Hey there, everybody!
Merry Christmas Eve in advance (if you look at the time stamp), and I hope you get whatever you would like to have in the event of this particular holiday, if you celebrate that!! Meanwhile, I’m just hoping and crossing my fingers for the graduation ceremony with the kids to be over, so I can relax and start working on other things… like these blog posts, for example!!

What’re we looking at today?

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Kumamoto Ramen

Updated: October 25th, 2018

Hello lazy munchies of the world. It is I your supreme commander in chef of laziness. Yes, look at my avatar and bow down to me as I will lead you to the light of goodies. Ok, enough fooling around, up to the seriousness of the things. I’ve decided to write another update on this place called Kumamoto ramen. If you haven’t read the previous one, please do so down there. The reason why I’ve decided to do an update on another post for this ramen place is that I found it had changed since the last time we visited it.

As I was getting hungry after work, as I was able to leave early, I decided to go for ramen and it was on my way so I end up eating there alone as they have separation panels between each place.

Here are some changes they made to their menu and food.

  • They added new items such as wasabi octopus, cold ramen, rice bowl, etc
  • Limited time dishes/ Summer special were on display on the window such as dipping ramen (cold ramen without broth that you can dip in soy sauce), but they are not listed in the menu so you really have to remember and tell them which special you want
  • The food is tastier! Their side dishes and ramen was lacking in the flavor department. Don’t get me wrong, the salt was there, but beside salt there was nothing else. Now the flavor is much more distinct for each dish.

Overall: I will come back, as their flavor has been getting better. They learned to modified their flavor according to reviews and feedbacks, which is good because that’s how a restaurant should work if it wants to survive in downtown surrounded by millions of other ramen places.

End of update.


Posted on June 23rd, 2018.

Hello world! How is the world while I was gone, for a few days….months…year? I haven’t been active lately, gomen, due to work, social/personal life, but I did go out and had some delicious experiences around town. Without been too obvious that ramen is one of our favorite thing to go to, this one will be another ramen review. I think I somehow set out a goal to try the ramen in this town.

The last time, Ponyta, Bayleef and I went out to eat together, we decided on a rather new ramen place called Kumamoto Ramen, located on St-Catherine street. I went there a couple of weeks before bringing them there and wanted their opinion on it as the concept of the restaurant is quite unique.

The place

It is located on St-Catherine street,1812 Saint-Catherine St W, near Seoul Chako. The restaurant itself it very well decorate, but it visual attraction would be the sitting places. Ramen places are usually always decorate with wood element and tables, but what’s peculiar with this restaurant is that they had brought

the “eat alone” concept from Japan. If you are a foodies and often watch Japanese ramen places on youtube, you will probably know this concept of separation between seats. This restaurant had brought that concept creating eating place with minimal interaction between the waiters and the customer. Upon entering, you will be seated at their “counter”. If you are alone and would rather eat by yourself, you have the option of putting up the screen to separate yourself from other customer. If you are a small group you can also set up the screen to separate your group from the rest of the customer sitting next to you on both “end”. This concept is quite unique here and also ideal for the location as it is surrounded by students going for a quick bite before returning to their studies/class. 

The service

As mentioned, there is minimal interaction with the staffs, but it doesn’t mean that the quality of their service wasn’t there, on the contrary. One of the other original part of this restaurant is the way the waiters come to get your order/explain the menu to you. They don’t just walk around in the restaurant, but in front of your “table” there is a bamboo screen, the waiter will appear there, lift the screen take your order, pull it down and leave you alone. This is how they minimize interaction. On your table, there is a water faucet, a glass, menu/checklist/pencil and a red button. You sit down, check out what you want, HIT the red button and they will appear behind the bamboo screen to take your order and will reappear later with it. You get to pour your own water with the faucet set on your table (beware: the pressure can be strong).

The food

Their menu is quite simple, the basic one of porc, chicken and vegetarian. We each order something a bit different to try, along with takoyaki and karaage. You have the choices, like the other places, of adding extras in your bowl. As usual, I will always have an egg and corn in mine. I do think that every ramen bowl should come with an egg instead of having it as extra. Maybe to have more instead of not having it in the first place and then add it. Anyway, that’s my opinion, I know some people do not like egg and would rather have it as extra instead of wasting it if it was already included. The broth was rich and creamy, but it does lack in flavor. The meat was tender and melted in the mouth. The side dishes that we had wasn’t anything that we can compliment on. This place really concentrate on their ramen. The takoyaki wasn’t crispy as I would like them and the karaage lack in that department also. It was also kind of soggy/wet and lacked in flavor.


From all the ramen places that I have tried throughout the year, this place would rank last in the flavor department. The concept is there, the idea is well executed, but the flavor is lacking a lot. They also mainly focus on the ramen and not on their other items on the menu. Ramen is the star of the menu, but their side dishes should lack in flavor or execution. Missing on karaage is kind of a crime! The broth was rich and creamy, but then again is was lacking the punch and after a while I was starting to get “sick” of eating it. It was kind of disappointing because I was actually looking for a place where I could eat alone without having to look at other people or have them look at me because I’m sitting by myself at a table for 2. The concept is very good and would actually work well with the location, but they need to work on their flavor.

Couscous et Menthe [Ponyta]

June 5th, 2018 

Hey there everybody!
How is the new school year treating you so far? Maybe it’s not your school year, maybe it’s the work year that just started, or it never stopped, that happens too, but I hope it’s going well for you!! Meanwhile, I’m basically procrastinating from sleeping, by starting these posts so I can work on them on the go later on. At any rate, you’re not here to read at my rants! You’re here for the review, so here it is:

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Tsukuyomi Ramen

Hello world of foodies. It is I the munchies of laziness. Over the summer I’ve been munching out with the hubby and friends. Hubby and I stumbled on this ramen place as we were dealing with something on St-Laurent street, in Mile-Ends. Actually, I wanted to have some ice cream at Kem Coba, but they were close so we headed to this place instead. I wanted ice cream after finishing our business, jeez I wouldn’t drive all the way over there just for ice cream………


(c) Tsukuyomi

The place

It’s located on St-Laurent street, near St-Joseph street. It is also 2 mins away from Kem CoBa, right by the corner, but you might miss it because the sign is quite small. They often put out a sign on the street in the summer though. It’s a small place with approximately 10-12 places (more or less) by the kitchen and 3 tables. They can accommodated a big group of around 10 people. The sitting is model on Japanese’s ramen place. The kitchen will be almost at the center and they make a bar type of sitting area around it. The waiters don’t have to get out and just move around, from the other side of the counter to serve your food (see picture). I found this type of setting better as it will limit accident such as a waiter dropping a hot bowl on a customer because s/he decided to push the chair back to get out.

(c) Tsukuyomi

The service

We went on their opening hour so there weren’t a lot of customer. We were seated right away and the food didn’t take long to come. I would say we spent a total of around 40 mins there. The second time we  to the place the good service was still the same. So I’m pretty please with that consistency in their customer service. On the second time, we had a friend who can only eat vegetarian on that day so we ask the waitress for the vegetable ramen and she truthfully told us that the broth is made of pork which was a great information as my friend had to eat vegetarian for religious purpose. She then suggested to opt for the vegan ramen which was all vegetable from broth to noodles to side dishes.

For those of you who decided to eat vegetarian for religious or personal choice, please ask the waiter question about the broth, because for me, vegetarian means EVERYTHING was made out of vegetables even the broth!

(c) Tsukuyomi

The food

The food was delicious! Their menu consist of a few ramen types (with vegetarian AND vegan option). They also have side dishes such as kaarage, wasabi octopus, edamame, etc. I ordered wasabi octopus as I’ve never try it before. It was delicious and spicy. They use real wasabi root and not the pasty overly green type found in every grocery store. Real wasabi are deadly people! 😖

My husband ordered the tonkatsu chashu and mine was the chicken one. Let me tell you that the meat was melting in the mouth. As any ramen lover, the broth need to be good, creamy, but not overly buttered, and the meat has to melt. They have reach that level for me. I’ve enjoyed every bite from that bowl. My husband on the other hand liked it, but still prefer the one in St-Denis area.


I love the place, they decorated lightly, makes the place feel very warm and cozy. That would be ideal for cold winter lunch/supper. The staffs were very good, explaining the menu, polite and friendly. The food was delicious and all that is consistent, regardless of if you come one time or two or three. If I didn’t live so far from there, I would have come at least once a week for a bowl of ramen.

Marusan Comptoir Japonais [Ponyta]

June 3rd, 2018 

Hello there, my dear readers,
How are you doing? I hope you’re doing well, meanwhile, as of the writing of this, I’m super stressed out: the kids at work are going to be doing their graduation, and I really don’t know if we’ve worked hard enough, if we’re having enough fun, mixed with showing off our skills, etc., etc. I’m really not sure… at any rate, let’s begin with today’s post:

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Lola Rosa Milton [Ponyta]

December 2nd, 2017 

Hey there, people!
How’s it going? While I’m preparing for the month of December, you’ll probably be preparing for the return for school, or for work, depending on whether or not you even had vacations to begin with. If all goes according to my plans, I believe that my contract at my workplace will finally be done, and I’ll be ready to take on the rest of what I had postponed this year!

Anyways, let’s see what kind of places I’ve gone to…


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