Bol d’Or [Ponyta]

December 29th, 2016 // July 18th, 2017

Hello there, everybody!
How’s it all going? I hope you’re all doing well! So here we are for yet another food adventure… from back in 2016… that’s great… I haven’t been as active on this blog as I should have. Goodness knows it’s been awhile since I’ve posted most of anything on the other blogs, but… I’m going to try and schedule more stuff for y’all, even if they are somewhat outdated.

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Centrale Bergham [Ponyta]

September 22nd, 2016


I hear you, I do, I really do, but, I guess it just shows to you that I enjoyed it so much a few weeks ago that I had to come back, but haha, you’ll find out more in the context if you’re that curious about what brought me back and why I’m writing yet another review to this, unless the hint hidden in the title of the post revealed too much.

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Yup, it’s me again, the lazy bum of this community, once again eating out because I really don’t want to cook. This time we went to a brand new place that just open not long ago. And once again, it’s a ramen place, because I just love ramen, it was cold and also I love Japanese food. This restaurant was featured on facebook through a blog about good restaurant in Montreal. Since I always hunt for authentic Japanese restaurant, I was tempted to try it out. I was suppose to have a date with the munchies, but since we went on a small date with le hubby, we decided to try this one out.

The place

It’s on Park Avenue in the ParkEx area. The restaurant is small with about 6 tables inside and 2 tables outside. The place is quite strange, because the hall to go to the washroom is pretty long and they could have use that “longness” to make more sitting space. The decoration is pretty simple, very Japanese style with a flag with their name writing in Japanese on it. On the wall there is a giant painting and around the tables, there are katanas. I do like the little touch of the chopstick “rester” in the form of a fish. It’s quite cute.


The service

The service was quick. Upon entering the place we were seated within a few minutes. The menu took a bit longer to come, but no complain there since it was also writing on the board just above the kitchen entrance. We ordered 3 dishes, and it didn’t take long for them to come out. I do have a little complain about the entree. We ordered the Karaage and the waitress just brought out the dish without any extra plates for us to share or just simply for one person to eat without dropping the pieces everywhere.


The food

Their menu is quite simple with 2-3 types of ramen, 2 type of rice bowl with 4-5 entrees and 2 deserts. So le hubby and I have ordered Karaage, pork tonkatsu and another type of ramen with egg in the soup (I really don’t remember the name). The karaage was very crispy and delicious with the sauce. It was tender inside and not dry at all. Le hubby’s ramen was as usual, he said he likes it, but it was not his favorite. As for mine, it was ok. It’s not too salty like the usual ramen that I had, but it was a bit plain too. The egg mixture in the soup wasn’t helping. As I slurp through the soup, the egg kind of overpower everything and it was getting on my system. I didn’t even finish the noodle nor the soup.


The price was about the same as any other ramen place. The karaage was one of the best. I really did enjoy it. As for the ramen, I didn’t like it at all. The soups need for saltiness? It was a bit bland. There wasn’t any option of adding more toppings too. I would have enjoy to some corn in my ramen. As I was reading the reviews on facebook about this place, I was expecting it to be a bit more, but it was deception. Some people were commenting that it was the best ramen place in Montreal and it was the best ramen they ever had. Which was kind of deceiving or that they haven’t try enough ramen yet. As for me, I need minimum requirement for my ramen: the saltiness, the toppings and the spiciness. Overall, I did like the service and the atmosphere of the place, but the food would not bring me back.

Captain’s Boil

Hello citizens of the web, here we go again for another review on the world of good/bad food (well got to balance out). So for our rare night out without the kids, Ponyta and I decided to go to this seafood restaurant that I have been bugging everyone to go with me for about a month or 2 now. It’s the Captain’s boil, a seafood chain originated from Toronto. We decided for the location on St-Catherine Street, downtown Montreal. Let’s sail that ship, shall we?

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Picks [Ponyta]

January 2nd, 2017 

That’s right, dear readers, I have done it again, it seems. I swear, I go back to work this Wednesday, so this is probably the last you’ll hear from me in… awhile… probably.

I’m definitely not going to eat out as often, seeing as I should save up for the whole year of superhero movies that interest me!

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Sota Korean BBQ

Hello world of foodies, it is I, the lazy Munchlax, coming at you once again with some food experience. This time I will be reviewing an all you can eat restaurant. I rarely go to all you can eat because I can’t eat enough for the amount that I’m paying. I think the only place I do go is Korean BBQ (no surprise there, it’s asian food). I’ve been to quite a few places, eventually I will do a comparison of all the places on St-Catherine Street, because every Montrealers knows that St-Catherine has become Korean Town 🤣

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Ramen Plaza

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post on ramen 😀 You might have noticed that we, Machiabellians, love ramen. So it is a tiny mission of our to gather and try out new ramen place. This time is me, alone, with my slave, who went to try this one out because we couldn’t find a day when all of us can be together. I have to sacrifice myself and go try it out before I can send the rest of them to eat there. How brave of me 😆

Let’s start the adventure!

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