Captain’s Boil

Hello citizens of the web, here we go again for another review on the world of good/bad food (well got to balance out). So for our rare night out without the kids, Ponyta and I decided to go to this seafood restaurant that I have been bugging everyone to go with me for about a month or 2 now. It’s the Captain’s boil, a seafood chain originated from Toronto. We decided for the location on St-Catherine Street, downtown Montreal. Let’s sail that ship, shall we?

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Picks [Ponyta]

January 2nd, 2017 

That’s right, dear readers, I have done it again, it seems. I swear, I go back to work this Wednesday, so this is probably the last you’ll hear from me in… awhile… probably.

I’m definitely not going to eat out as often, seeing as I should save up for the whole year of superhero movies that interest me!

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Sota Korean BBQ

Hello world of foodies, it is I, the lazy Munchlax, coming at you once again with some food experience. This time I will be reviewing an all you can eat restaurant. I rarely go to all you can eat because I can’t eat enough for the amount that I’m paying. I think the only place I do go is Korean BBQ (no surprise there, it’s asian food). I’ve been to quite a few places, eventually I will do a comparison of all the places on St-Catherine Street, because every Montrealers knows that St-Catherine has become Korean Town 🤣

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Ramen Plaza

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post on ramen 😀 You might have noticed that we, Machiabellians, love ramen. So it is a tiny mission of our to gather and try out new ramen place. This time is me, alone, with my slave, who went to try this one out because we couldn’t find a day when all of us can be together. I have to sacrifice myself and go try it out before I can send the rest of them to eat there. How brave of me 😆

Let’s start the adventure!

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Kagayaki Restaurant

What is your favorite food to eat when it’s cold? For me, I love hotpot, be it -20C or 20C outside, I will always love my hotpot. For those who don’t know what hotpot is, hotpot is a combination of different types of meat and vegetable which you dip in a boiling soup. Usually eating with 2 persons and more. It’s a meal to be share among friends and family and it also provide a good opportunity for bonding, because you need to dig in to fish your favorite meat/vegetable before it gets eaten by other people. Hotpot is usually eaten at home, but there are restaurant who specialize in hotpot. There is also a variety of hotpot: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, etc. Their differences are in the soup, I guess, but this post is not to explain the differences.

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Mon Ami

116Hello people of the world.
When was the last time I posted something here? I don’t really remember hehe.
The title is not about friend (mon ami, french word), it is about a Korean restaurant that has bloomed like wildflowers since a year (or so?).

We went for a munch after many months of not meeting, my cousin knows her downtown so she suggested to go to this place as it was a good place.

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Kinton Ramen [Ponyta]

December 28th, 2016 

Hey there, all!
If you tell me something like: “You sure have been eating out in December 2016!” I’d nod and agree with you dramatically. I sure have indeed, my poor, poor wallet…

At any rate, it was very nice to come to this restaurant today, and I hope that if you go, you’ll feel as satisfied as I have! I’m pretty sure that you’ve read Bayleef‘s rendition of what has happened (or if you haven’t, feel free to check out her blog post!), and here is mine:

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