Food Truck Festival 2016

Hey guys!

So summer’s nearing the end, and this post would have probably been better suited for the beginning of the season BUT it’s HERE and there’s still 1 more event to go 😉

Montreal’s Food Truck Festival started about 2 years ago when they began allowing Food Trucks in Quebec – a bit late on that since Ontario (and probably other provinces) already had them – but nonetheless we are quite happy having them! Continue reading

Central Bergham Taschereau [Ponyta]

August 19th, 2016 

Hey there, everybody,
How has it been since… last month, actually [wow, time sure flies by fast, don’t you find?]? I hope September has treated you all well, here at work, we’ve been trying to accommodate and modify a few things to prepare for the School come-back.

Oh dear, I have so many things to prepare for… so…

…let’s start with the review:

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Hey, Charmander here debuting with my first official food review!

While there are debatable qualities about me (re: if I am a whippersnapper to be feared, or better off being a leaf instead of a human), there is no denying that I like writing, puns, food, and zero attention. So, here I am, expressing my foodie experiences on a low-key blog, chumming alongside my fellow rumbling tummies in this Machiabellian regime of hunger that we are working to dismantle, bite by bite.

Now, let’s get to the meat of it.

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Regal Deli & Grill (Ponyta)

July 15th, 2016

Hello there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I can’t let Munchlax have all the glory of receiving reads on this! I do have posts that are drafted here, but I’ve started writing them so long ago that I’m not completely sure that they’re any relevant anymore, so this is officially my first post of the blog! Hopefully it’ll inspire our other writers to write some as well?

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116엄마는 내가 배고파! (Mom I’m hungry!) That is a sentence that we all said when we were younger coming back from school. Well most of us, I’m pretty sure, still do. Omma is the name of a korean restaurant on Bernard street where they serve authentic korean dishes just like a korean mom will make. We had the chance to visit the place, after a day of work in the neighbourhood and I was really hungry and graving for some bibimbap.
Unfortunately, it was quite late already and dark therefore I wasn’t able to snap some good picture for this blog’s entry. I will be using the one found on internet and on their website.

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116Hello world of foodies.
A new update to this sleepy blog of our. Soooo on a Thursday we had our little adventure, Ponyta and I, to a new place called Opiano on Sherbrooke street. A rare day when Ponyta could come here and meet up with us.

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To try

116Hello everyone! Since few months ago due to some personal reason I wasn’t able to really explore and feed on yummy food, but I haven’t forget about my love and went on exploring the internet instead for places that I really want/should try. So I made up a list, I don’t know when and with whom I will be able to go try, but I surely will one day sit on a chair inside the restaurant and eating the food.
If you happen to try something on the list, please let me know if it’s worth it or not.

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