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Kagayaki Restaurant

What is your favorite food to eat when it’s cold? For me, I love hotpot, be it -20C or 20C outside, I will always love my hotpot. For those who don’t know what hotpot is, hotpot is a combination of different types of meat and vegetable which you dip in a boiling soup. Usually eating with 2 persons and more. It’s a meal to be share among friends and family and it also provide a good opportunity for bonding, because you need to dig in to fish your favorite meat/vegetable before it gets eaten by other people. Hotpot is usually eaten at home, but there are restaurant who specialize in hotpot. There is also a variety of hotpot: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, etc. Their differences are in the soup, I guess, but this post is not to explain the differences.

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Mon Ami

116Hello people of the world.
When was the last time I posted something here? I don’t really remember hehe.
The title is not about friend (mon ami, french word), it is about a Korean restaurant that has bloomed like wildflowers since a year (or so?).

We went for a munch after many months of not meeting, my cousin knows her downtown so she suggested to go to this place as it was a good place.

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116엄마는 내가 배고파! (Mom I’m hungry!) That is a sentence that we all said when we were younger coming back from school. Well most of us, I’m pretty sure, still do. Omma is the name of a korean restaurant on Bernard street where they serve authentic korean dishes just like a korean mom will make. We had the chance to visit the place, after a day of work in the neighbourhood and I was really hungry and graving for some bibimbap.
Unfortunately, it was quite late already and dark therefore I wasn’t able to snap some good picture for this blog’s entry. I will be using the one found on internet and on their website.

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116Hello world of foodies.
A new update to this sleepy blog of our. Soooo on a Thursday we had our little adventure, Ponyta and I, to a new place called Opiano on Sherbrooke street. A rare day when Ponyta could come here and meet up with us.

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To try

116Hello everyone! Since few months ago due to some personal reason I wasn’t able to really explore and feed on yummy food, but I haven’t forget about my love and went on exploring the internet instead for places that I really want/should try. So I made up a list, I don’t know when and with whom I will be able to go try, but I surely will one day sit on a chair inside the restaurant and eating the food.
If you happen to try something on the list, please let me know if it’s worth it or not.

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Park Restaurant

This post was made long ago, but I only publish it now due to lazyness, I’m sorry

116 Park Restaurant has its own reputation by now and most of you have heard of it already, but have you had the experience of dining there? Yes or no, here is my own experience at Park for a Valentine supper with my Beau (but still manage to snap some pictures for the review 😀 )

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Intro/Misoya Ramen

116Hi! My name is Baymax… no my name is…. wait, I have too many nicknames therefore just simply refer to me as Munchlax on this blog. I am honored to be the first to post something in this blog, as I have too much free time. I will be featured from time to time, I also happen to have a blog on foodies, which you can find here… and various other stuffs *coughANIMEMANGAcough* Ok enough of the intro.


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