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Gibeau Orange Julep

(Also known as: The Big Orange)

Hey guys! It’s actually been not that long since my last post…maybe we can make this a Monday thing? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Well I’m here for Monday #2, back with a new place to introduce you to or maybe just to remind you of what you might have forgotten (I know I did!), so let’s get started.ย  Continue reading


Food Truck Festival 2016

Hey guys!

So summer’s nearing the end, and this post would have probably been better suited for the beginning of the season BUT it’s HEREย and there’s still 1 more event to go ๐Ÿ˜‰

Montreal’s Food Truck Festival started about 2 years ago when they began allowing Food Trucks in Quebec – a bit late on that since Ontario (and probably other provinces) already had them – but nonetheless we are quite happy having them! Continue reading

Schlouppe Bistrot Nakamichi

Hey hey peeps!

A glimpse out of hibernating I thought I’d put my pictures to good use, one of the reasons I think about taking pictures besides the main dish, but I always forget to snap pictures of the place itself though, I’ll try and remember (and get out of my shy bubble of taking pictures).

Anyways! I’m not the greatest at food critic-ing because I love strong flavours, spices, and SALT, and I hardly find a place dissatisfying (unless it’s bad service or overpriced food lol).

There’s this new ramen place that opened up right next to Concordia University’s Hall building on Mackay/Maisonneuve- it’s kind of hidden up the street and the words were hard to read… so much that my friend and I stood RIGHT outside clueless as to where it is and then it hit us as we saw people coming out (or going in I can’t remember).

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