Ganadara [Bayleef]

Hello all!

This week I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite (favourite!) restaurants that I thank the people for bringing it into this world. No joke. Really. I’ve got lots of pictures too thanks to a friend of mine – my goal today is for you Montrealers to salivate, and go running there as soon as doors open tomorrow! Or whenever you’re reading this lol 😉

If I remember, it all started 2 years ago when some of my friends planned on checking out this new Korean (fusion) place – so I went along for the ride.
Take note: one of my friends is a MAJOR foodie (and I’m so glad she is!!). I never have to worry about ordering with her – maybe at the end when we have leftovers because we’ve ordered too much but it’s all an experience lol!

Anyways, we were 3 of us this one evening and since the menu items seemed pretty cheap (and we thought the portions were small), we each ordered an appetizer and a main so we could try a bit of everything.

TOP Mistake : The appetizers were as big (or equal to) the main dishes!! LOL

Though our eyes feasted on the plates laid out before us, we couldn’t help but think if we could actually do it: finishing it all.

I think we had one of the 4-seat tables in the middle (or maybe 6-seater) but it was full-full-FULL of dishes piled with yummy food! It somewhat looked ridiculous how 3 girls was sitting at this table – whereas everyone else had just “the one” plate in front of them xD

Anyways, we didn’t mind, and we were going to take our own sweet time finishing our meal!

My memory is just a bit hazy but my friend has taken pictures to show you – and let’s talk about a few basics first.

Location: CONVENIENT (so close to the metro!) I’m really glad, because I know some places I like to go to, I sigh because of the long walk to or from the metro, or you have to wait for a bus or something. Also this is definitely a great place for students.

***I have recently noticed that their sign may have been taken down (or fallen), so don’t be alarmed if you see a lineup next to a giant window sign that says “NETTOYEUR” …Ganadara is right next door 😉 

Ambiance: This place has become wildly popular over the years. So popular in fact, that there’s a more-than-decent line up outside during peak hours whether it’s rain, shine, or snow storm. No Joke. So I definitely advise anyone to be there minutes before opening hours for lunch, or even come early before they open for dinner hours (they’ll let you sit inside until the kitchen opens for dinner) because mannn can that place get pretty. packed. UP.

I guess that’s not really saying much of the ambiance, but even if it’s packed, you can move around, it’s not too loud like you would be at a bar or restaurants like Deville’s Dinerbar where you have to speak really loudly. There’s popular K-POP music videos playing on the flat screen tv (only one way though, so if your partner/friend is into K-pop, it might be highly distracting for conversations LOL)

I’m telling you. This place? Worth that lineup. Even if you are more than often waiting for an hour during peak hours.

Food: (!!!!)

Ok. How do I get these pictures inserted through WordPress? I haven’t been blogging in a pretty long time lol. But you all want to pay attention here. =9


The Tsunami 
At least… that’s how I remember it.
I used to get this one pretty often during my first few visits.
It’s known as the Tsunami because it’s a little bit of everything you’ll love, instead of ordering separate dishes, AND it definitely has a spice level to it! So… be warned? I actually was never able to finish the noodles with the ganadara spicy sauce on my own *because* near the end the spice was a bit too much for me alone. But I love this dish nonetheless. (~$15 good for 2 people!)

Fried Chicken with Cheese
Pan friend chicken with the right amount of cheese in the middle… crispy and gooey at the same time ❤ really such a good dish. It comes with a side of rice and salad. AND THE DIPPING SAUCE – it’s not just any sauce at this place. Even the most regular soy sauce can taste amazing.
Also for it’s price (~$12) that’s a decent meal you can’t get at any food court restaurant. Totally recommend this if you want to indulge a little bit 😉


Fried Chicken
This one was an appetizer. It was supposed to be chicken balls with honey mustard sauce or something, but my friends and I dug through it and found a tiny bit of sauce near the bottom. It was all coated like the picture/menu suggested. If it was coated or had sauce on the side, it would have been amazing. But just the chicken itself was a little bit dry (at least, the outside part). This was a few years ago so maybe they improved it, but if it’s still the same I don’t recommend getting it. (~$8)

Tobboki Poutine and Dumplings
2 side dishes. Does that Poutine look like a side to you?! Also one heck of a poutine! It comes with their special chili sauce, with tobboki (small chewy rice cakes) and cheese, on beautifully crispy french fries ❤ So homey it’s a MUST MUST get at least once when you visit this place!
The fried dumplings were also really yummy. And as most of their dishes we ordered came with a side of salad… we had a lot of salad in the end xD
Poutine: (~$9)  Dumplings: (~$6)

I’m guestimating the prices since it’s been a while since I last visited this place. Probably last year.. It’s just every time I pass by to grab a bite there’s a lineup. Or during the holiday’s they close for a few days and it’s my bad luck that it’s one of the days I decide to drop by lol.

However, for PRICES it’s very decently marked. They didn’t increase prices too much after renovations (maybe by $0.50 – $1 for some dishes) and 2 people can eat for under $20.

The following picture (the last) is basically what I’ve been ordering with a friend of mine for the last few years. Together we deducted our all time favourite dishes and we did make a good pair… we didn’t take much time to decide and it was our comfort food on any given day ❤
I miss those days.

Top Favourite Foods by Yours Truly!

Clockwise starting from the top: 
Dak Balls: kind of like general tao, it’s deep fried chicken balls tossed in a yummy sauce and  roasted sesame seeds as a garnish.
Tokochi: Deep fried Rice cakes, skewered and served with sweet chili sauce.
Pork Tonkantsu Curry: I might not get this name right BUT it’s THE MOST homey comfort food on the menu (for me). The pan fried pork served with the perfect curry and sauteed mushrooms… just. The best.
Kimbap: That long row of sushi-like rolls? ADDICTIVE. First, it’s not sushi. Second, of the variety they offer (and they also serve half portions too) I totally recommend the spicy tuna. Not sure was their dressing is, but dang! It’s heavenly.
Price ranges from $5 – $12(amazing right??)


Blogging about this place makes me really miss it.

I think I need to pay a visit sometime soon. That pork tonkantsu curry and spicy tuna roll…. sigh…. maybe tomorrow lunch? I’ll see. I still need to make a trip to Kinton Ramen for their monthly ramen special (which! is limited to 20 bowls a day!!! and they were sold out by 1pm last week T_______T)

(ps: Kinton blog to follow next month!) – but for now you can check out Ponyta’s post on Kinton here and her Ganadara post she recently posted right here .

After my super long post here’s some key points: 

  • Beware for lineups during peak hours (wait could be up to an hour)
  • Menu items don’t always appear as they are described : in actuality they are bigger portions (yay!)
  • Prices can range from $5 – $12 on the majority of menu items

Happy eating! 🙂


Located at:

1862 Maisonneuve Blvd W,
Montreal, Québec
H3H 1J9
(514) 933-2288
**2 min walk from Guy Metro (exit Saint Mathieu) 



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