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September 5th, 2017 

Hey there, everybody!
How’re you all doing? I hope the year 2018 is coming along well with you all, and I’m really hoping that it’s coming along well with me as well at the moment of posting! Keep fighting and working hard! I’m rooting for you all!

And so, without further ado, let’s start our review:


On this particular day which I went to GaNaDaRa with my friend, I can count on my ten fingers the times I’ve spent at GaNaDaRa. It’s such a popular place that both Bayleef and Jirachi have drafts about their own experiences at that particular restaurant. If they ever decide to post it, here are the links to their blog posts: Bayleef’s and Jirachi’s. Seeing as none of them have scheduled it for the time being, I decided to make my own spin of the review, in my own format, for you all to enjoy.

That, and because my friend who hasn’t grown tired of hanging out with yours truly yet, had never been to the place, which had been featured at the All Night Asian Food Fest event [oh, perhaps this is a subject for another different post!] we’d been to about a week prior.

I had really needed to get out of the house, because moping around with the ghosts of the kids who left the workplace to go and start their academic careers [more importantly: WITHOUT ME] was frankly too much to bear at the moment, so eating out at one of my favourite restaurants seemed like the perfect idea at the time!!


As it is with seemingly all of my posts at this point so far, and as it is with all the posts that I tag “Concordia University” or “Downtown Montreal“, it seems, the accessibility to this restaurant is pretty good as a person who lives on the South Shore. So you can get there by walking from Bonaventure Station right towards rue St-Mathieu, where you’ll find the restaurant. Or, you can also use your Opus Card if you’ve got either the Tram3 or the STM tickets. It really helps that it’s so close to University and thus, to the Guy-Concordia Station, which helps the Montrealers of course.

Just like Misoya [of which both Munchlax [link here] and I wrote about], which is also located nearby, GaNaDaRa might be a bit difficult to find for those who are not familiar with where it is. I know that my friend originally zero-ed in on the “Nettoyeur” sign the first time we walked past it. So it might be accessible, easy to get there, but… you gotta spot it, is what I’m saying.



The menu changed again? They used to have this small-ish binder full of different pictures of different dishes they could make. Then, they changed it to something else, and now, with the slick change and renovation of the whole decor, they made a new menu to fit it. I found it was a pretty awesome touch.

I used to only get either the poutine or the ramyun, which I think wasn’t adorned with much, but that particular day, I felt like getting the Sea Food Ramyun, whereas my friend got a Sam Ramyun, which I thought seemed really, really good. I love sea food in general, so I thought it was really, really good taste for Ramyun. It was spicy and full of different sea food, as you can see.



Personally, I absolutely always loved the decor of the place before the renovation. It was adorned with cute stickers (?) on the wall, written in Korean and in English. Maybe it was because, the very first time I went, with a friend Bulbasaur introduced me to, it was one of the first things I noticed of the place. It was cramped and narrow [it was a bit difficult for the waiters and waitresses to walk around, but then again, it might’ve been because it was in the winter, and everyone had a winter coat and some people had their school backpack, and everything, which could have been in the way…]. There were pretty boxes of chopsticks and utensils for every table, and the mirrors were definitely a cute nice touch.

Of course, the new indoor decor is absolutely… something else compared to what I had in mind when I brought my friend there. First of all, there was a line when we arrived – there are usually lines whenever meal time hits. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait very long in the cold outside [I’ll say the line seemed pretty long when we left, though]. The tables sure changed, there were no more counters [none that I remember, maybe there were still there? Near the windows, perhaps]. The chairs also changed – they are still pretty comfortable though, don’t worry. Perhaps it is because it’s still technically the summer, while definitely narrow, the spacing between the tables didn’t feel as bad as before.

DISCLAIMER: Please take what I say with a grain of salt, I mean, I have an infamously bad memory, so it might not be completely accurate.


Technical Details 

  • Address: 1862 Boul De Maisonneuve, Montreal, QC H3H 1J9
  • Phone Number: (514) 933-2288
  • Hours: 11:30AM–3:30PM, 5–10PM
  • Websites: Zomato, Official Website, Facebook

ponyta_blackwhite_animated_frontAll righties, my dearest!
This is where I’ll have to leave off!
See you all next time!?
Have fun on your restaurant adventures!
Are there any ramen places you’d recommend? Don’t hesitate to suggest them!


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