Panda Hotpot

My lazy self has gone out eating again. And there I am telling myself that I should really stop eating outside and cook more at home. Oh well, it was a night out with a very good friend of mine and I had been implanting this idea of having a hot pot night with her for a week, therefore I have to honour my words and bring her there. Also because the pictures on facebook are very drool indulging (I don’t even know if this makes sense LOL). As some of you might know, I love my hotpot and I love my hotpot when it’s at home or in an all you can eat. This one is an all you can eat, yummy! It’s a bit hard for me to describe this one as there are so many things to talk about, but do trust me that this place is awesome. Also sorry for the lack of picture, every time I go there I’m just thinking about eating and no time to snap anything.

The place

It’s on St-Catherine, 2170 Saint-Catherine St W, near the Forum, next to the previously called 5000 ans Korean restaurant. The entrance is on the second floor, but the entire place is for the hotpot. So it’s a restaurant with 2 floors, upon entering you will see tables for 4-6 groups and single table at the end of the restaurant, just in front of the cash. On the basement/2nd floor there are more big tables for larger group. It’s an all you can eat hotpot place so you will find in the middle of the restaurant the food area where you can go pick up what you would want for the hotpot, but also beverages and sauces. They do have a sense of humor regarding their decoration choices.

The service

The staffs are very nice. When you enter if there is no place available you will be seated on the side and while waiting they will serve something to drink or something to snack on while you wait. They will try their best to make you feel comfortable and the wait is never too long. If you are only two, sometime there is an option of sharing table with another group of two. The staffs are very friendly, every time I go there I was never disappointed and I’ve been there for 3-4 times now. The first time we went there, my friend’s pot got water dripping from the ceiling due to evaporation and we told them about it. We didn’t really complain or anything and mine was fine, but they still insist on giving the both of us 15% off (which was the tax).

The food

Even though it is an all you can eat buffet, the food is still very fresh. They are all on iced platter so they don’t get wasted and the seafood is cold enough to keep them from spoiling. When you are seated they will show you the menu for the soups and type of meat. There are 6 different types of soup, from non spicy, sweet, to super spicy. There is the basic choice of meat like beef, lamp, but also the marinated one. They also have a special menu for bigger group, which I haven’t try yet, because I think it’s for more than 6 persons. For the soup, you have the choice of one or 2 soups base, meaning they have pot that are separate in two and you can have two different type of soup in which you dip your goodies inside. Once you order your soup and meat, it’s up to you to get your vegetables and seafood.


I only went there for supper time so I don’t remember the price for lunch time, but for around 30$ you can eat until you explode. The service is always good and the staffs are super friendly. Unlike other Chinese restaurant where the customers are treated like nuisance most of the time (something about people from China coming here and still behave like they were in their country), the staffs are always there and the service is very fast. The food is always fresh. The only thing I really don’t like about the food would be the sauce. They salt up all the sauce to make you more thirsty and drink more so you don’t eat as much as normally you would do. Which is normal practice for restaurant, but really that much salt I can’t take.

So far, my favorite place for hotpot and it would be yours too (I do not recommend the spicy soup if you cannot take spice!)


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One thought on “Panda Hotpot

  1. ponytaorponyboy January 7, 2018 at 1:53 am Reply

    This is so interesting, because I went past this restaurant last Thursday and I recognized the name from your post! I should try it out one of these days 😀


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