Sota Korean BBQ

Hello world of foodies, it is I, the lazy Munchlax, coming at you once again with some food experience. This time I will be reviewing an all you can eat restaurant. I rarely go to all you can eat because I can’t eat enough for the amount that I’m paying. I think the only place I do go is Korean BBQ (no surprise there, it’s asian food). I’ve been to quite a few places, eventually I will do a comparison of all the places on St-Catherine Street, because every Montrealers knows that St-Catherine has become Korean Town 🤣

First of all, Korean restaurants are a bit complicated on that street. Some are specialized on Korean BBQ alone (all you can eat) and some are Korean restaurant offering all you can eat BBQ in their menu. So to consider this all together, there are about 4 restaurants on St-Catherine Street having Korean BBQ. I have tried them all…. But this time I will review only Sota Korean BBQ.

The place

Located on St-Catherine Street, near Concordia University, it’s near to the sex shop. The restaurant is not that big and there is always a line up because of that. From the outside you can see part of the menu and the price is about the same as the other place. It might varied for 5-6$, but overall it’s around 30$/person for supper if my memory is good. The place is simply decorate with colorful lighting. BEWARE: the way to the washroom is the descent to hell! 😂 It the way down a straight, narrow set of stairs, can be quite difficult to go down if you had a few drinks or pregnant.

The service

So basically, if you had been at an all you can eat Korean BBQ before it is the same procedure. They will give you the menu with choices of meats and vegetables, you pick the number of serving and they will bring them out to you. Each serving is about 2-3 pieces of meat/vegetable. The waiting time for seating is long. The waiting time for getting the food is long and the waiting time for getting our drinks is long. Basically it’s long for anything. They are unorganized and the waiters take their time to bring you the food. Strategically, they do that so you fill yourself with water and get the hell out of there. The manager is also quite rude. It also happened that our orders got forgotten and we had to order again.

The food

Along with meats and vegetables, they also have a sushi counter, which was great because we love sushi and also it’s a good way to fill up people with rice so they don’t eat a lot of meat. There is nothing to be call exceptionally good when it comes to the meat quality. The sushi on the other hand was quite good. It wouldn’t be as good as Kanda or higher end sushi restaurant, but it’s pretty good for a place that is not specialize in sushi. The meat was of low quality and was very fat. We ordered some rib eyed, porc with some seafood such as octopus’ tentacles. The only good meat was the octopus tentacles, which was big and tender.


Service was bad, food was not top quality, too many negative point for the price. Not recommended!
I have rarely rate a place badly because I will always try to find a good point to make me go back and try the place out again, but this one has lost me forever.


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