Ramen Plaza

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post on ramen 😀 You might have noticed that we, Machiabellians, love ramen. So it is a tiny mission of our to gather and try out new ramen place. This time is me, alone, with my slave, who went to try this one out because we couldn’t find a day when all of us can be together. I have to sacrifice myself and go try it out before I can send the rest of them to eat there. How brave of me 😆

Let’s start the adventure!

(c) Hoang-Khai T. @ yelp.ca

The place

It is located on St-Hubert, right in the plaza, corner Beaubien Street. The sign is pretty small so you have to look up to see it. I remembered walking pass it a couple of time before realizing it was there. It’s a rather small place, with a couple of tables for groups and table on the wall for singles. The decorations are on the more hipster style, with black walls and plants on the side. Very minimalist.

The service

(c) Hoang-Khai T. @ yelp.ca

To be honest, the service was rather slow and the waitress doesn’t look like she knows her stuff. I usually don’t bash the people serving us unless they do a very terrible job, but this one simply didn’t do it for us. I shouldn’t critic other for their physic, but this waitress she has a face that is sooo not welcoming and she doesn’t even smile. As for the menu and questions regarding it, her answers are so vague, I could have pulled it off better than her if we exchange places. It took more than 30 minutes before we receive our orders and everything came at the same time (you know when you ordered an appetizer, you expect to have it first).

The food

I ordered a Spicy miso ramen and le Mr Slave ordered a Tonkatsu ramen with extra spicy miso (+2$ I think) which was 14$/each and a Karaage (fried chicken) as appetizer. Spicy miso ramen was spicy, but not as spicy as I wanted, compared to other places this would be on the mild side. Tonkatsu has a rich flavor, it was good, but overall both broths were very salty. I know traditionally ramen is salty, and I had miso, so to be expected, but if you compared this place to Misoya or other ramen places that we have rated, this one would be on the top for saltness. I had to drink half a bottle of water. Also the broth was warm, not hot, a minus for me. I must say that the assorted mixture of condiments that I had in my bowl was proportionate: corn, seaweed, mushroom, other things that I can’t yet identified 😆 As for the meat, it wasn’t tender enough. Compare to the ramen we went on Rachel (to be review), the meat didn’t melt, it was just fat and meaty.


It was a nice experience and a good quick meal, but I wouldn’t go all the way over there for a craving. From all the ramen place that I went to, this place would be at the bottom of the list regarding the flavor and the ambient. For the price, it is the same as the other places, around 13-14$/bowl and the menu is quite simple with only 4-5 types of different ramen along with the special of the season/week/month.












Ramen Plaza
6553 St Hubert St, Montreal, QC H2S 2M5
(438) 387-1779


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2 thoughts on “Ramen Plaza

  1. ponytaorponyboy July 18, 2017 at 3:56 am Reply

    Very interesting. Now I want to go and try it out for some reason


    • Kat July 18, 2017 at 3:59 am Reply

      To be honest, the waitress and the wait for the ramen kind of ruined my mood for it. It also didn’t help that the ramen came in rather warm and not hot. So yeah, try it out and let me know

      Liked by 1 person

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