Mon Ami

116Hello people of the world.
When was the last time I posted something here? I don’t really remember hehe.
The title is not about friend (mon ami, french word), it is about a Korean restaurant that has bloomed like wildflowers since a year (or so?).

We went for a munch after many months of not meeting, my cousin knows her downtown so she suggested to go to this place as it was a good place.

The place
It’s locate on St-Catherine street, near the Cage au Sport bar. You have to look up when you walk on that side of the street or you might miss the spot. They started on Someled, but now they have either a restaurant or an express in almost every popular location in Montreal.
It is decorate simply with Asian’s items such as Soju bottle (Korean rice alcohol), posters of Soju, bowl on the wall, etc.

The service
It was very good. As we walked in, there is a waiter greeting us right away and hand us the menu as we sat down. If they see that you take time to decide on what you want, they will come and ask if you need any help or have any questions to help you make a decision. After we ordered, the meal didn’t take a lot of time to come out. I think, within 20 mins we had almost all our orders.

The food
17799482_1541367795888047_2088106179246826263_nWe ordered a seafood pancake to share at 3 and some rice sticks. I had the porc and kimchi stew, my cousin had the bulgogi stew and my friend ordered a bulgogi bibimbap. They had a bottle of grapefruit Soju and me a glass of Sapporo beer.

As it was more of a gathering than a food critic experience, I didn’t really bother asking the others how was their food. So far, I haven’t heard any complains from them so I guess they enjoy what they’ve ordered.


As for the seafood pancake, I think it was just normal. I had better one at another restaurant called 5000 ans on St-Catherine (they changed their name, therefore I don’t know if they also change the owner, which can also mean new cook). It was too thick, therefore not very crispy and there was too much green onion, which I’m not a fan of. It was seafood, but there was mostly squid rings. So I wouldn’t say that I liked it. It was ok, it was not disgusting, but I would not ordered it again.

20170408_175226.jpgMy stew was ok. The flavour was there and the spice too, but nothing that I can really go “wow” about. I often compared Korean restaurant with the “5000 ans” place because they usually have it my taste. Beside the taste, the stew was very filling. There was a well balance of meat and kimchi. Usually, in a stew like that, you often end up with more soup than meat, but this one was very well balance. I also love the fact that there was enough tofu, as I love my tofu hehe. It cames out very hot so be careful if you order this.

I do like the place. The food was ok, there is nothing that was standing out for me, from what we’d ordered. The service was very nice, we were taking our time eating and there was a line up, but they didn’t rushed us or anything. Instead, they were prepping the others tables to seat the people waiting as quickly as possible. The food also came out at a timely manner, which I really appreciate as I didn’t have anything to eat the entire day. The price was also reasonable. It cost me around 30$ for the stew, pancake and beer.

I would recommend going to this place for a quick meal, but for foodies, I would say I had better.

Mon Ami
MONAMI St-Catherine
Sainte-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3H 1M6


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