Kinton Ramen [Ponyta]

December 28th, 2016 

Hey there, all!
If you tell me something like: “You sure have been eating out in December 2016!” I’d nod and agree with you dramatically. I sure have indeed, my poor, poor wallet…

At any rate, it was very nice to come to this restaurant today, and I hope that if you go, you’ll feel as satisfied as I have! I’m pretty sure that you’ve read Bayleef‘s rendition of what has happened (or if you haven’t, feel free to check out her blog post!), and here is mine:


It’s been awhile since I’ve had lunch with Bayleef and Munchlax, and I sort of really wanted to meet up with my cute niece, Moon Moon Princess, and since I had to miss Munchlax‘s yearly Holiday party this year as well, I decided to join the three of them for an outing downtown where I haven’t been in awhile!

After much deliberation, we decided on Kinton Ramen for its accessibility (mostly for me, I think, since the others seemed to have had more difficulties getting here), and we also decided to have ramen, because, truth be told, we were all craving some.


Seeing as I arrived in 15 minutes of walking to the restaurant from Terminus Bonaventure, I would say that it’s pretty accessible to anyone who lives on the South Shore and has a bus pass or bus tickets. As it is close to Concordia University, and thus, to Guy-Concordia station, I would also say that it’s fairly good by both bus and metro if you live on the island and have the STM pass.

However, I believe that, as it is the case for any Downtown Montreal restaurants, it may be difficult of access if you have a car. There are tons of one-way streets in Montreal, and finding a parking spot may prove to be difficult!

Seeing as we had a stroller – Moon Moon Princess was present with us for today’s outing! – I thought it was slightly inaccessible. It’s a good thing Munchlax knew how to operate her stroller and we only had three small steps to maneuver to in order to reach our goal though, so no biggie, really!

It was a little bit difficult to find given the “whiteness” of the building it was located in, as well as the smaller-ish sign – granted, we arrived just as they were opening, so I can’t really blame them on that particular criteria.



As for myself, I got the Vegetarian Ramen. As you may or may not have noticed, I do love restaurants which have vegetarian options. My bowl was so gigantic that it was difficult for me to finish eating. I was still managed to eat all of the algae, the vegetables (of course), the noodles (Bayleef made the remark that perhaps because it’s a vegetarian ramen, they’d given me much more noodles than they’d given either Munchlax or Bayleef), but not so much the excess corn – although I quite loved both that and the fried tofu (miam, my stomach is asking for more as I’m writing this). I thought the broth may have been a little bit too salty, which is why I drank a lot more cold water than I did the broth, but otherwise, I found the ramen delicious!

Fun fact: It seems like this place has an eating challenge going on sometimes, called the KINTON BOWLER, during which the chef challenges you to eating an enormous bowl of ramen in less than 15 minutes, or pay 30$. I’ve mostly only seen this challenge being played (?) in the United States, so I thought it was really quite interesting to read that some people have participated to this in our very own Montreal City (or maybe it’s only in Toronto?).



From Yelp

From Yelp

As for the Ambiance, as we were the first ones to arrive that day, Munchlax and I, I thought it was quite fine. We were seated very quickly and the waiters were nice enough to wait until Bayleef arrived to let us order.

You would think that the seating arrangements or just the wooden seats would be uncomfortable, but those “benches” (?) were actually quite comfortable to sit on [it even had this small storage space underneath the bench for bags and maybe folded coats, I applaud the practicality], and I liked that there was space where we sat to store the stroller.

Perhaps it was because Moon Moon Princess‘ presence, but I was a lot more aware of all the noise in the restaurant once the people started to come in. Indeed, hearing people shouting: “Irashaimase” in order to greet the customers may not have been the best for the baby [to me though, I thought it was pretty cool and authentic, because that’s how I see it happen in anime, but that’s just me being an otaku probably], but she was so good, and so well behaved – the same could be told about the other, older children, who came afterwards with their own family, that I must say I thought the ambiance was quite nice. Not only that, but when we left and had a little trouble navigating the stroller through the seats, and dressing Moon Moon Princess up in order to leave, everyone was very patient and understanding despite the fact that they were busy and probably hungry. Or at least, that’s how I saw it as we were leaving.


Technical Details

All righties, I’m just going to call it a day now,
I hope your days go well, and that, as usual, 2017 treats us well!
Take good care of yourselves!
And almost as importantly: eat well!
Ponyta’s out! 


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4 thoughts on “Kinton Ramen [Ponyta]

  1. Kat April 4, 2017 at 3:07 pm Reply

    Stroller friendly: storage, moving around, etc = 2/5


  2. Kat April 4, 2017 at 3:09 pm Reply

    Baby friendly (baby seat, space for kids on the big bench space): 1/5 I would not recommend going there with a baby/toddler. It’s not for children under the age of 3 or at least those who can sit by themselves and behave.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. […] true, my dear readers, I indeed have. But the last time I went was in December 2016, and my post about it was posted in March 2017, but this particular post will only be published in May 2018? So I feel like this is a pretty good […]


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