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December 26th, 2016

Hey there everybody,
So how’s it going? I really hope that the year 2017 is treating us all well! It’s been a big while since I haven’t written anything here, although I’ve been encouraging Munchlax and Bayleef and Charmander to write something here from time to time.

Let me set the example by scheduling something now, haha!


So for Boxing Day morning, we had to drive my brother, Vaporeon, to this Premium Outlet Montreal place. We also had other family errands to do, so it was really mostly my dad driving us Eeveelutions (and my mom) around, except Flareon, who is the only one with work today.

And so, we decided to go eat breakfast – at that point, it was sort of almost a brunch – so we went to L’Oeufrier at Blainville.


As a person who lives on the South Shore, I am no expert on how to get to Blainville (it’s on the North Shore, and I really don’t go there often enough to be able to tell you), nor how it was for us to get there (I may or may not have been playing this Kirby Super Star Ultra game my friend Gengar lent me). This place was particularly close to a Pharmaprix, and a bunch of other smaller shops, so perhaps it was pretty easily accessible? Don’t take my word for it though.



The titles on these meals are perfect?! XD especially for our region I think xD

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So here’s the link to their menu, you can even download it. The Eeveelutions (minus Flareon) and I adored the names that they chose for every single item on the menu.

There’s the “Batman a une date ce soir,” [link] which pretty much translates to “Batman has a date tonight,” the “On veut un nouveau pont Champlain,” [link] which is “We want a new Champlain Bridge,” (it’s a common-ish conception over here that our Champlain Bridge needs to be renewed or we need another one because of the huge traffic jam every single morning (or something like that, I work on the South Shore so I can’t even keep up…)) and the “Il fait froid dans mon salon,” [link] which means “It’s cold in my living room“. That last one deserves a mention, because there’s ice cream in it.

I myself took three chocolate chip pancakes, with a piece of dragonfruit strawberry, a slice of orange and another one of melon (I don’t recall the exact name, but it was pretty). The pancakes themselves were pretty good, and the less exotic fruits were just as good, I thought the dragon fruit, really wasn’t as fresh. You can’t blame them for trying though, but I was very happy to see an exotic fruit in my meal.



That place was packed with people, so it must have been very popular (there were other egg-related breakfast restaurants out there nearby, and still, there was a lot!). 

The waiters and waitresses were very, very nice, and the people who ate there were nice too! A couple had been sitting at a table and since we were 6 people, our waitress actually came to ask them politely if they could change spots so we could take three tables. They were so very nice to change spots? I feel like some people wouldn’t like to change when they were already seated. But yeah, I really enjoyed! Additionally, as we were clearly a visible minority, the waitress also tried very hard to speak to us in English – even though we clearly answered back in French, so I thought that was pretty nice of her to try and be mindful of our language? 

I very much liked the large comfortable “plastic-feel” seats and the square-ish white tables. I’m sure that the patio must have been very comfortable to sit on in the summer, but they’d taken it away by the time we arrived (in the winter).

They have blackboards on which they write the menu for the smoothies that they give, as well as holiday wishes. I thought that was a nice touch to the decor of the restaurant. However, the one feature that stole the whole thing, I believe, is this particular “wall” (let’s call it a fake because it a job like a wall even if it doesn’t quite reach the ceiling). On this wall was written various menu items in different fonts and different sizes. The Eeveelutions and I couldn’t stop staring at that particular wall, it was just so cool.


Technical Details

All right, we’re gonna have to call it a day
Mostly because I want to go look at Boxing Day deals that aren’t really deals…
See you all for my next review!
Ponyta’s Out 


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