Zen Asia Restaurant [Ponyta]

December 27th, 2016

Hey there, all!
I hope you’re doing well? So, funny thing happened yesterday. I was writing my review for L’Oeufrier and then I realized that I hadn’t at all written a review about another restaurant I’d been to in the same month: Zen Asia Restaurant. So this will have to be it!

Disclaimer: My readers will know that I’ve a horrible memory so I guess I won’t be able to tell you all that I remember about my experience there, so I’m very sorry in advance.


Some of you might know from my Twitter that I’d been stressing out about this “Secret Santa” event happening at my workplace back in December. We were supposed to buy gifts, bring them with us and then hand them to our “Secret Santa” person.

So, we met up on December 9th at the end of a very long day’s work. My dad attempted to drive me there, even though I told him I could take the bus, and we got temporarily lost? It was the funniest thing, because he was very excited that I would eat at a Vietnamese restaurant that he highly recommended to me.

These kinds of social events very much stress me, especially as we were one of the bigger groups to eat in a sort of narrow place. I was so nervous about being out of place, I didn’t know what was conventional and what wasn’t [you’d think that eating out with them once would’ve calmed me about this but they actually wanted us to dress up nice and be proper, with all the cosmetics on our faces and all that…].

It still turned out fine, we talked about work and also about things unrelated to work [thankfully, because since we work every day together, we sort of run out of things to talk about that the others don’t know about].


To me, going by car with my dad, it was a little bit difficult to find, especially as it is not the most prominently featured in the dark among the other places on the same, smaller street. It’s really not too far from Terminus Panama if you take Boul. Lapiniere/Boul. Victoria and it’s also not that far from Terminus Longueuil as well if you go from Riverside and then Boul. Victoria.

Meanwhile, on the south shore, you can get here using the following buses: 16106, and the 55. You also got access to the train! There’s a train station (St-Lambert Station) that is right next to it!



We went to this place on December 9th and i sort of forgot to talk about this?!?!?!!!

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Almost solely because I was Asian, my co-workers liked to ask me what I recommended as we looked over the menu. It was weird to me, because I mostly know some dishes only, and as a person who doesn’t really like to eat out of her comfort zones, it was difficult to recommend anything, especially also since I hadn’t ever eaten there before, whereas they had.

The main course was so yummers!!!

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However, I like to think I ended up choosing the right stuff from the “Table D’Hote”. I chose “ROULEAUX IMPÉRIAUX AU POULET” (you can translate that as “chicken spring rolls”), “PÉTONCLES SAUTÉS AUX LÉGUMES” (that means vegetable sauteed with scallops?) as well as the homemade dessert which looks like the image below:

I don't know how I managed to eat all of this but I did… I was so hungry…

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The spring rolls were also quite different from the ones we do at home – I think it’s because the ones we do don’t have chicken in them? I could be wrong though. Mine were somewhat cold, not warm enough, maybe it was because we were close to the door so the cold winter air cooled it off too fast, or the waitress or waiter couldn’t bring it out unless it was at the same time as the others, so I’m only one of the ones who got hers cold? Who knows? The crunchiness was right there, too, it was still very delicious.

The main course, which were the scallops, weren’t bad at all! I quite enjoyed my meal, and helping the others discover what scallops were! I’d say that was a very nice experience as well!

I’m pretty sure I asked what dessert that was, but seeing as I don’t recall, I can’t even tell you what it really was or how it tasted like. I just know that it was delicious.



You’d think that the ambiance wouldn’t be so good, especially since apparently the owner knows my coworkers from last year, because they ended their evening very late (at around midnight apparently?!). I’m anxious enough that I was worrying over the time and also how the waiters and waitresses would feel if we made them wait longer to close up shop. However, the waiters and waitresses were very nice and they were very understanding that we were a big group, they gave us a big table and space for our gifts, too!

The seats were also extremely nice and comfortable to sit on and the tables were big enough that we, as a big group, could still eat at. I’m saying that this is an awesome place to eat at as a big group!


Technical Details

  • Address: 21 Rue du Prince Arthur, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 3S8
  • Number: (450) 672-6805
  • Opening Hours: 
    • Closed Mondays
    • Tuesday to Friday: 11AM-3PM , 5PM-10PM
    • Saturday and Sunday: 5PM – 10PM
  • Social Media:

ponyta_emeraldWell, I’m going to call it a day,
I haven’t written in so long that it tires me out, I guess!
I hope you have a great beginning of 2017,
Hopefully it’ll be much better than 2016!
Stay safe out there, and see you next time!
Ponyta’s out 


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