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September 1rst, 2016 

Hello there, my readers [whoever you are, you are very appreciated on this blog, thank you for being here],
How are you all doing? Here I am again, surprising? I find so myself, because it hasn’t even been a few weeks since I’ve been to Centrale Bergham Taschereau – or it has been, but I have no life so I consider it as not a long time ago. It’s been exactly a month since that one’s review, so I guess it should be convenient that I schedule this for October, then [would this mean, then, that I should go eat out at another restaurant, so that I can review for November? And so on, and so forth, until I find myself with no more money to spare and no more friends to hang out with because they all discover I’m weird? Ooops, I let the anxiety slip, sorry]? Are y’all ready for Halloween? I’m not, but I’ve got a funny story about this, I’ll tell y’all about that in the context, haha.

Let’s move on to the review:


So, this place, Coq o Coq, isn’t a place that I’ve visited for the first time today. I’ve actually been here a couple of times due to… school (gasp, that’s right).

…wait let me start from the beginning. You can skip this part if you’d like, but I’m gonna write it down anyone in case one day I don’t remember. I haven’t seen my friend Charmander in over months. Okay, not that long ago, we saw each other while we went Pokemon Hunting, and we even went to this place where there’s an abundance of lures and a crazy amount of people who gather there everyday. For you Montrealers, you’ll know this place as Atwater. I haven’t seen the Queen in so long we decided to have a get-together before the long weekend begins, and right before my second job becomes too hectic.

My latest acquisition defended a gym today? Whoot! 😀

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For old time’s sake, we decided to go to our university, which has plenty of lures as well as plenty of PokeStops (due to our my own… issues with data/wi-fi, we ended up staying at a place with only two pokestops, and we both placed a lure there to increase chances of anything happening. Spoiler alert: Nothing much happened… except that I managed to get a gym, hehe). There, since we’d be meeting right after work, we would eat at Coq o Coq. Like I said, as a university student, I went to eat there with my friends quite often, so the food wasn’t something I wasn’t used to.

Here’s the bit about my readiness for Halloween: I get spooked easily, as is very apparent when you hear me talk about the video games Munchlax forces me to play during Friday Night Games [I REALLY MISS PLAYING GAMES WITH Y’ALL PLEASE COME BACK]. I don’t like surprises, and I’m a really big scaredy cat. On the way back from the restaurant, and from Pokemon Hunting, Charmander and I walked past this window with a really creepy ghoul inside of it. I jumped, startled [I guess no one jumps at the Halloween displays anymore…? Except me?], and realized how ‘oh dear, Halloween is just around the corner,’ when in fact, we’re still in the beginning of the month of September. I’m decidedly not ready for Halloween.

Okay, on to the real part you people are here to read:


Due to the fact that it’s right in the Montreal downtown area, and due to the fact that it’s right next to Concordia University and the Guy-Concordia Metro Station, I would say that this restaurant is a really convenient location, especially for these university students.

I’m also pretty sure there are a bunch of Montreal bus stops all around these places – being downtown, after all – which means that it’s very important that for Montreal people who have the bus pass, this is really accessible.

Not only that, but it’s only less than 20 minutes walk from Bonaventure Station, which links directly to the South Shore, so really, it’s not that bad for people who live on the South Shore and don’t have the Montreal bus pass, either.

9.5/10 [If you ask me if it’s lost points because I had to walk there from Bonaventure, you’re right.]


As for the menu, you will have noticed by now after two or three posts on this review blog, that your humble horse on fire is not always that picky with her food – especially with meat [always with meat]. You also may or may not know that I can easily get anxious when ordering anything, even if the people behind the counter are always extremely nice and patient with us [or I’m just too panicked to guess they’re exasperated by my shenanigans, who knows, really?], so I may or may not have ordered something with tons of meat in it and decidedly not enough vegetables. I also had just finished a full-day of work, so I had believed I would have been hungry, which is why I technically decided to go for a trio:

Is this yummy or what?! #Charmander #PokemonGo #GameswithPonyta

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Now, the fries were succulent, but then again, I am never really picky with fries. I love fries [I think I always mention fries in every single food post. That is how much I love fries. And probably why I ordered a trio, actually… because I like fries]. I loved the pita bread, too.

The sandwich itself? I had chosen, I believe, a Chicken Arabiata sandwich [source]. What can I tell you about the sandwich itself…? It was SUPER AWESOME because there was fries in them! Can you check them out on my Instagram post? I’ve never eaten a sandwich with fries inside, but I found that was pretty revolutionary. Not only that, but it made the meat that much easier to digest. At least, for me. Oh yeah, and the meat was all right, too. And hidden inside of all those pieces of meat?? Pickles. For some reason, there were pickles in there… it was fine [I don’t like pickles, but they’re bearable]. The garlic sauce was really good, too.

This place also featured a “self-serve” soft drink distributor? And this time, it was at my height, which was awesome. Of course, this feature is only available, I learned from Charmander, for people who are eating in the restaurant. That makes sense, you wouldn’t order a drink, go to class, and then, come back to get some more drink out of the same cup you used before. That would be pain rude.

8.5/10 [did it lose points because of the abundance of the meat? Totally, but I know that’s totally on me, because the place also gives tons of salads and other vegetables, I should’ve taken my time to read through what each sandwich had in store for me…]


I always like when there’s free Wi-fi in a place. Not so much because I can be disrespectful to my friends and totally check my news feed, timeline or dashboard, but because sometimes, I want to share a picture I’ve seen, or something along the same lines, and won’t be able to, because some places don’t have Free Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that it advertised about having this feature, well, we needed a password for it, and… well… I couldn’t find the password anywhere… which means this is where this place may mostly lose its points.

The other moment in which this lacks a bit in the “atmosphere” department will have to be maybe the cleanliness of the table on which we sat. It’s not quite the first time that I came here to see that the tables are somewhat unclean. But bear with me, it really wasn’t that bad, either.

All in all though, I love the whole “feel” of the place, though. I like the simplistic-like decor, and the fact the colorscheme of the whole place matches the logo’s. It just pleases me that it’s coherent.

The cashier and the cooks were very nice, too, very patient [I mean, I know it’s their job to be, but I also have encountered… impatient people… and it… it wasn’t very pleasant… especially for my anxiety, so I’ll always appreciate and mention it here when they were nice. Those people deserve to be rewarded for their work and for tolerating me in their establishment], especially when Charmander extremely graciously went for me, because she cares for me and doesn’t have the same anxieties as me, and asked for a doggie-bag. You’ll find that this is a recurring thing with me, mostly because I have eyes bigger than my stomach, especially when I’m hungry and when I’m hangry.


Technical Details

  • Address: 1625, boul. de Maisonneuve O, Montréal, QC, H3H 2N4, Canada

ponyta_greenWith all that said, I’m going to wish you all happy Halloween in advance,
If you’d like to read Charmander‘s post about this, GO!
I’m going to go to sleep now,
See y’all for another post [I dunno how soon that’ll be]! Be good and safe!
Pony’s out


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