Gibeau Orange Julep

(Also known as: The Big Orange)

Hey guys! It’s actually been not that long since my last post…maybe we can make this a Monday thing? 😉
Well I’m here for Monday #2, back with a new place to introduce you to or maybe just to remind you of what you might have forgotten (I know I did!), so let’s get started. 

YOU CAN’T MISS IT – You’ll be able to see it from a considerable distance on Decarie, one of the highway/streets you hear talked of all the time in Montreal (I don’t really know why to be honest but you probably do lol). It’s also hard to miss it from Namur metro – the closest metro to get there. It’s big, orange, and beautiful. And I may be over-exaggerating a *tad* bit but I do love places that leave an impression 🙂

If you guessed that this place sells orange juice, or something of the like, then you’ve got it!
Orange juice and greasy fast food – a somewhat perfect combination. Also, don’t think you can purchase this in food markets or anywhere else but at Orange Julep itself, because you can’t (sadly). So if you like it, stock up! It’s worth bringing home to and possibly hiding it in the back of the fridge so no one else finds it haha.

Personally for me, Orange Julep is a place I prefer going to at least once a year, maybe twice, because though it’s really good, it’s a little bit sweet for my taste. And hey, this makes the trip more worthwhile to me because even though it’s close enough for me to go on a weekly basis, it’s more an awesome treat that I can fully indulge in – once a year. 😉


Ok. So you guys probably get that it’s one of THE iconic foodie place to visit in Montreal.

(get this) it’s actually opened all year round! 

and check out this line up at lunchtime! It was a weekday. Maybe people don’t mind being late back at the office if they know they’re going out for some Julep time lol

Some tips before heading off:

  • If you love cream cheese, and pretzels, or either one, you HAVE TO try their cream cheese pretzels! I get one almost all the time. (They’re so warm and slightly gooey <3)
  • I don’t know much about the food, but the fries were really oily the last time I went (a friend of mine got them) and it was seeping through the brown paper bag…. maybe check that out before ordering. I heard their hot dogs are good though (and their poutine – but you gotta be ok with grease!!)
  • The individual cups are actually pretty pricey compared to the 1L jug you can buy. If you’ve already tried the Julep before, I suggest buying the 1L jug for about $12 (and you can share with friends too! They give out extra cups) because the smaller sizes start from $4 – $8 (approx.). It’s up to you 🙂 I benefit from the 1L jug so just thought I’d share.
  • They take cash/credit/debit.


So… if you live in Montreal, and have never been,
if you’re visiting Montreal, and never heard of it,
check it out – It’s definitely worth a try… and you might end up loving it 😉

Located at:

7700 Boulevard Décarie
Montréal, QC
H4P 2H4
(514) 738-7486

Mtl Blog posted a great article about the history behind it, click here if you are interested in the inside scoop of the Big Orange.


Until next time!



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