Food Truck Festival 2016

Hey guys!

So summer’s nearing the end, and this post would have probably been better suited for the beginning of the season BUT it’s HERE and there’s still 1 more event to go 😉

Montreal’s Food Truck Festival started about 2 years ago when they began allowing Food Trucks in Quebec – a bit late on that since Ontario (and probably other provinces) already had them – but nonetheless we are quite happy having them!

This event takes place at the Olympic Stadium park area, at Pie-Neuf metro, and it’s crowded with lots of amazing food, people, and nice music.

The festival rounds up around 40+ different Food Trucks, and has a GREAT amount of variety that makes everyone want to try everything, so of course, they come back (like me lol). The meals are pretty decent size, at least some of them are, but the majority of the trucks focus on quality rather than quantity which makes it a bit more fancier than other Food Truck festivals, and DEFINITELY the opposite goal of the Food Trucks from the States – which I hear has extra large portions! 😉

Portion sizes in Montreal and the States don’t compare, but they both have their pros and cons.

The food trucks all together also presents a variety of cultural foods as well as the usual hot dogs, pogos, and poutine. I’m a huge fan of poutine, and since it’s Montreal staple, I found that there were different trucks making their own twists on the original poutine toshow part of their cultural take on it as well (fries and butter chicken?? who would have thought!). I haven’t tried many of these though, being a cheap student I only bring $20 on me and try as many things as I can with just that. Not as easy as it sounds though!

Some tips that will help:

  • Bring cash because not all trucks take debit/credit cards, and ATMs over there charge *a lot*.
  • Bring water. Because water is actually pretty pricey.
  • Circle around all the trucks before deciding what you want – otherwise you might be too full (or out of money) to try something you’ll see a few trucks down! 😉
  • People are allowed to enter at 4pm, so I suggest going between 4pm & 6pm to buy your food and then sit somewhere to eat and chill out for the rest of the time. Peak hours start around 6pm when most people come by after work, and you could be waiting for more than an hour just for one truck. Best to avoid that if you can. (My friend and I waiting for almost 2 hours for the Au Pied du Cochon truck – no joke!!)
  • You could even check out the list of food trucks available online on the day you’ll be going. They usually post them up pretty early.
  • Lastly: BRING FRIENDS!! It’s a lot of fun with friends, AND this way you can all share food and try everything without spending a lot of money (and have room for dessert!).
  • Speaking of which…. 🙂


Chocolate Hazelnut Puffs – seriously guys, if you’re lucky: GO CHECK OUT THE MR. PUFFS TRUCK!! They were beautifully delicious, crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Their only place is opened in Laval so if you see this truck anywhere – there’s your chance. Take it. I insist 😉








Stawberry Meringue Donut (right) &

Maple Bacon Cupcake (left) – YUM!










When: First Friday of the Month (May – October (inclusive)) 

Where: Olympic Stadium (Pie-IX Metro)

How Much: Average $10-15 per meal/truck or ~$5 for snacks

Whyyyyy: Just for no reason to try new foods, socialize with friends, and listen to nice music – which is sometimes live!

The next one left is October 7th so MARK YOUR CALENDARS and you might even see me there 😉

Last one of the season and I saw this really good looking poutine with creamy sauce and green onion… so many people were getting it I just can’t wait to try it!! Totally leaving room in my belly for that.


Until next time~


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5 thoughts on “Food Truck Festival 2016

  1. Char September 28, 2016 at 1:41 am Reply

    NICE. Also, you got all very tasty looking items! 🙂 Tummy’s growling just my looking at your pics.


    • Sandra October 4, 2016 at 5:42 pm Reply

      Thanks! I somehow missed these comments lol


  2. ponytaorponyboy September 28, 2016 at 1:51 am Reply

    HM. You’re selling the whole food truck idea even more… *especially POUTINE*


    • Sandra October 4, 2016 at 5:41 pm Reply

      Haha. Poutine is EVERYTHING. All the vendors know it 😉


  3. […] know that, as Bayleef has mentioned it in her own post last year, food trucks festival is a thing throughout the whole summer, on the first Fridays of every month […]


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