Central Bergham Taschereau [Ponyta]

August 19th, 2016 

Hey there, everybody,
How has it been since… last month, actually [wow, time sure flies by fast, don’t you find?]? I hope September has treated you all well, here at work, we’ve been trying to accommodate and modify a few things to prepare for the School come-back.

Oh dear, I have so many things to prepare for… so…

…let’s start with the review:


At any rate, yesterday, Thursday night, I didn’t have any work, so I scheduled a meeting with my good friend Piplup. She suggested we go to this new place that opened up on the Tascereau boulevard, in Brossard (or Greenfield Park, one of those cities on the South Shore like Longueuil, which is actually the one it’s listed as in the address): Centrale Bergham Taschereau [at least the one on South Shore, I’m sure it’s called something similar elsewhere. Here’s its Facebook link].

That way, we could catch up. This is ironic, because I also scheduled a time for me, Piplup, Growlithe and Jirachi to meet up today in order to do just the same thing. I’m… so clingy I don’t know how they deal with me. I guess it’s a way for me to cope after the end of Otakuthon [it was one of the most exhausting weekends of the year, and while I’m glad it passed, I’m sort of unhappy that it did, it feels like I should’ve done so much more, but… my health condition didn’t let me]. We had a really good time, at least for me, because I hadn’t seen Piplup in such a long time. We even got to race to the nearby mall to catch Pokemon (Pokemon Go, of course), because yes, I’m still obsessed with that game at the time I’m writing this.


Unlike with the previous post I’ve written, I didn’t require a ride there, because it was such a good weather that I just had to bike there. To me, because it was on Taschereau boulevard, and because I live pretty close to the boulevard, it was really easy to bike there – it took about 10-15 minutes. However, I couldn’t find any bike racks, which sucks, because it was difficult to find a place I could park my ride without endangering the circulation of the parking cars.

However, I must say that since it was in the corner of the big boulevard, anyone with a car may not have had the best luck? I’m not sure though, it seems to me like Piplup didn’t have any problems, but then again, to me, she’s a really good driver. Paradoxically, because it was so close to the boulevard, that means it’s easily accessible from public transportation!! Buses travel on the boulevard much more often than in the smaller streets, after all.

I think it also helps that they’re open until really late at night!!



The concept of this restaurant is pretty cool, but first, let’s talk about how it’s actually a restaurant franchise that started off in Montreal [official website]!

“What’d you get for yourself, Ponyta?”

Well, I myself got a “Yellow“, in a trio, because it seemed decent, it had chicken meat in it, and had curry. Now, I don’t really like eating meat [the only reason why this grade is somewhat lower than it should be is probably because the presence of the meat was so abundant, but then again, what’d you expect from a place that starts somewhat the same as Burger? [because bergham… y’know? I… I’m tired… I’ll stop now]], but that meat wasn’t bad at all. Additionally, I’m pretty sure that the place serves halal, which is super awesome because I don’t know any other restaurants on the south shore near my house that serves this. Again, this is a big thumbs up in terms of openness for other cultures!

Oh man how great was this place!!! I had fun catching up with a friend here! 😀

A post shared by Ponyta Ponyboy (@ponytaorponyboy) on

The sauces for the fries were really spicy, just as the guy who served our food said it would be, I was very very satisfied with it! It was really good [and mind you: I don’t usually like sauces with my fries!]!

The drink was “self-serve” and you could refill it so often, that was really cool. However – and this is another reason why I dropped the grade by a little – there was no ice… also, it was rather tough for me to access the drink distributor because it was so high up on the counter (oh the woes of short people). I wonder if it was done on purpose, or… I don’t know.



So, in terms of the ambiance, I found that the person who served us was extremely nice [he was so nice to explain to us that the sauces were the specialty and convinced me to take them for my fries! He also was really understanding when I asked for a doggie-bag (I guess waiters/waitresses are used to seeing this happen: when people like me have a bigger eyes than they have stomachs (it… it sounds MUCH BETTER in French than it does in English, I swear)]! He was bilingual and remembered us really well. It’s great and comes back again to the fact that it’s a business from Montreal, and, to me, it pretty much reflects the ideal way that I view this province’s assets: the multi-ethnic aspect of it [there are people who understand and/or speak both languages, which is awesome].

There were also tons of ethnicities that went into the restaurant, too. It was awesome to see so many. I mean, I see them at the mall, I see them downtown, but I really liked seeing it elsewhere, too. Maybe it’s just me.

There was no Free Wi-Fi from this place, which is a plus and a con for me, mostly because when you’re meeting with a friend, it’s extremely impolite to be texting or checking your email – unless you’re in a cool relationship where that’s fine for both of you, I guess… but then if I want to show Piplup something I found funny online, or something I took of and posted online, then wouldn’t it be easier for me to have the Wi-Fi?

The tables, counters, chairs and benches were really nice to look at and surprisingly comfortable to sit on, as well. My table itself wasn’t that clean when I arrived, but I think it’s because they didn’t have the time to clean off the little tidbits of leftovers from someone else’s subway. Not only that, but I’m pretty sure there was a plug underneath most of the seats, which is, as always, awesome for me as a person who likes to hang at a place for a long time.


Technical Details

  • Address: 4836 Boul. Taschereau, Longueuil

Disclaimers: As usual with my reviews, I’d like you to mind that the pictures I take and put over here are almost all the time not mine. I take them from the Internet and I link them to the places where I’ve found them, so if you need to, you can just click on the picture to find the link to the original page.

Ponyta sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteAll right, that’s really all out of me,
and mind you, you know I’m biased and I always overrated a place…
so take what I say with a grain of salt!
I’ll see you all somehow, somewhen,
if/when I go eat out!
Be safe and, if you’ve eaten here, what’d you think?
Ponyta’s out


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One thought on “Central Bergham Taschereau [Ponyta]

  1. charmanderp September 25, 2016 at 12:22 am Reply

    Very flattering pic – dare I say your photography skills are improving? :p I’m definitely curious to try the one on the South Shore now. Interesting choice for your order…curry chicken, yum!


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