Regal Deli & Grill (Ponyta)

July 15th, 2016

Hello there, everybody!
How are you all doing? I can’t let Munchlax have all the glory of receiving reads on this! I do have posts that are drafted here, but I’ve started writing them so long ago that I’m not completely sure that they’re any relevant anymore, so this is officially my first post of the blog! Hopefully it’ll inspire our other writers to write some as well?


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So, to give you all some context, and this may become too long so you should probably just skip this part.

For those of you who’ve stayed (wow, you’re brave souls), the director of the place I work at decided that the staff members should all have another get-together (they had one in December, at a moment when, while I’d been hired, I wasn’t really part of the team yet, so… I didn’t get invited) and one of my colleagues suggested this place: Regal Deli & Grill [here’s the link to their official website] which is situated in Brossard, on the South Shore. I went on the 14th of this month, which was a bummer for me, because I’d planned to go watch Ghostbusters maybe [I chose not to go in the end, because, I wasn’t sure I was okay with some of the things they did to create the movie, I’ll probably watch it eventually though].

I guess I’m telling you the context here, because then you’ll know that I wasn’t completely comfortable going in. I’m anxious in social situation, so just going into these kinds of events without MunchlaxBayleefMewtwo or even Charmander stresses me out [shameless plug to encourage y’all to check out their Categories and short bios when you have the time… and once they’ve written something out], and that’ll play into the Ambiance, which I’ll go into shortly.


First of all, to me, when you go to a restaurant, I consider the point of accessibility (maybe it’s just me, as a person who mainly uses public transportation, biking and walking as a means of going somewhere). I was originally planning to go there by biking, and after all, Google Maps indicated that, by bike, it’d only take me about 10 minutes.

…but two of my coworkers decided not to give me a chance to bail at the last minute (“Oh, my bike broke down,” or “Oh, I got lost and came home at midnight” or “I didn’t know the name of the restaurant”. Darn, they know me too well) and coerced me in a friendly manner into accepting a lift from one or the other. When we arrived, the parking lot was PACKED. There was barely any place where we could park her car, and the same was for the other staff members. Many of them parked in neighboring streets, I believe, and/or in front of the restaurant? (I’m not sure though, so don’t take my word for it).

Please note: if you decide to come from Panama, it’s also a fairly easy place to get to from car and bus!!

Location: 9/10


The menu was rather diverse, with things going from sandwiches, to french fries, to pasta, etc. You really had your pick at what you wanted. Plus, it was a “bring your own wine” type of establishment, so the director bought a bottle and split it among the staff members who drank (I’m not among those so I can’t tell you about the drink, I myself only had water).

As for myself, I went for a… very safe bet (even though I was craving french fries, I thought maybe it would be un-classy to get some? In the end, a few of my coworkers got those, so d@rnit, Ponyta for being so weird and overthink): lasagna [by the way, check out their menu here]. It took me maybe 1 hour to get the food? Perhaps it was because our orders were so diverse…? I’m not sure.

There was tons of cheese in it, and as a fairly (?) lactose intolerant person, I should’ve chosen better? But I really enjoyed eating the cheese. What I less enjoyed, perhaps, was the extreme amount of meat in it. There were about two or three different types of meat among the cheese, and in the end, the plate was so big I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing (I finished maybe 99% of it? The rest was meat that I just couldn’t stomach to ingest anymore). If I had to return, I’d probably try out the french fries, haha.

Food: 7.5/10 (too much meat)


The restaurant had outdoor tables though we opted for the inside (thank goodness), where there were regular tables, booths and from where I sat, I could even see the television. They showed a documentary on the boxer Manny Pacquiao [was I so bored that my eyes sometimes trailed to the images I saw on the television? maybe yes]. 

Mind you, we were about 12 people placed in a linear fashion (six from one side, and six on the other side), it was slightly difficult to hear one another at the beginning, because while the television had no sound, the other people who ate were also talking and enjoying their own meals. It was also difficult because people also came in to order to-go meals, so there was a bit of shouting back and forth. By the end though, I guess it was good, because I could hear from one end of the table to the other.

Atmosphere: 6.9/10 [I’m difficult with Ambiance though, because nothing compares to eating at home in my room in front of my computer]

Technical Details

  • Address: 5588 Auteuil, Brossard, J4Z 1M2

Disclaimers : As usual with my reviews, I’d like you to mind that the pictures I take are almost all the time not mine. I take them from the Internet and I link them to the places where I’ve found them, so if you need to, you can just click on the picture to find the link to the original page.

Ponyta Back sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & WhiteI don’t know when I’ll be able to write another review, but… I hope this was a good addition to our blog? I’ve placed location in the tags, if you’re ever in town/region!!
See y’all!
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