116엄마는 내가 배고파! (Mom I’m hungry!) That is a sentence that we all said when we were younger coming back from school. Well most of us, I’m pretty sure, still do. Omma is the name of a korean restaurant on Bernard street where they serve authentic korean dishes just like a korean mom will make. We had the chance to visit the place, after a day of work in the neighbourhood and I was really hungry and graving for some bibimbap.
Unfortunately, it was quite late already and dark therefore I wasn’t able to snap some good picture for this blog’s entry. I will be using the one found on internet and on their website.


(c) Omma

The place
It is at the corner of Bernard and Avenue de l’Esplanade in the Outremont area. It is really at the corner of the street. There is a terrace on the side if you want a nice meal under the sky. The restaurant itself is quite small, containing a few table and you can find yourself quite close to your neighbour’s table.

The service
Maybe I was hungry therefore turning hangry, but I didn’t quite like their service. Upon entering, the place was quite small already, we had waiters trying to get through around us at the counter. We didn’t get asked how many people we were before a good 5 minutes and there was only 3 tables full inside, the rest was all on their terrace which has about 4-5 tables. Once a waiter talked to us, my husband ask for a table outside and he went to see if there is one available. 10 minutes later still no answer nor return of the waiter, seriously that was already a down. Another waiter has to ask us if we were served and I have to tell them that we don’t mind a table inside so they put us near the window. In total there was 4 waiters and one at the bar/cash and they took 15 minutes to give us a table. The place wasn’t that full to begin and they look lost already. After siting down the waiting time to take our order wasn’t that long, but another down came right after the appetizer. We ordered a tofu plate (Dubujim), a dol so bibimbap and a bowl of sashimi on rice (which I can’t find on their online menu). The appetizer didn’t take long to come, but we didn’t even get our plate yet that the guy at the counter came over with the bill. Which show that they didn’t communicate our orders and wasn’t doing their job properly. That kind of made me feel like rushed out of the place. So far the service was mediocre as our main dishes took more time to come because of the mistake.

(c) yelp

(c) yelp

The food
I had the dol so bibimbap, which was beef with vegetable in a hot bowl. The portion was smaller than other korean place I had been too, the seasoning of the beef was ok, but there is nothing particular that I would praise this plate for. Tha dish cost 17$, it was quite pricy for the portion and the ingredients. My husband’s dish, sashimi on rice, was 22$ and it wasn’t at his taste either. The portion was small for what we usually get and the seasoning of the fish wasn’t that amazing. My dish was also a bit salty, as I was drinking like crazy after finishing it.

This place has been praise for its authenticity on Korean dishes and not using msg in their food. As the only Korean restaurant in the area I do understand the hype of people in the area wanting to try it out or eat there, but I do not agree with people who say this is the best Korean restaurant. First of all, they have to work on their service. The waiters seem to be lost and some of them I can feel their discontentment of working that night. A good restaurant, not only goes for good food, but also good services from the waiters. If the customer comes in and get already frustrate by the waiter, they will not be very happy with the food. Also it is too pricy for what they serve. I don’t mind paying the price for good food and good service, but so far none of that has been deliver. I would qualify this place as average. Another down side is that they only open for the evening.

I would give this a 3/5 if I have to grade it, but that’s only my opinion, you can try out yourself and tell me what you think. Maybe I was being to harsh.

177, rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC
(514) 274-1464


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