116Hello world of foodies.
A new update to this sleepy blog of our. Soooo on a Thursday we had our little adventure, Ponyta and I, to a new place called Opiano on Sherbrooke street. A rare day when Ponyta could come here and meet up with us.

The main reason for going there was for the dessert, but as we both reach the end of the day and Ponyta was back from work we also ordered some soup to fill our stomach. Unfortunately, we devour our meal the moment we sat down so no picture for those particular bowls. I took the liberty to google some pictures and post them here for you to at least have an idea of what I’m about to talk. Most of the pictures are from Yelp so credit to those who has upload the pictures to the website.

The place
oOpiano is a small, I don’t know if I should call it a restaurant, it is more like a fast food stand like in the mall. It is actually in the middle of the hall separate by some mid-high walls, but you still see people passing by. The place itself is locate in a tall building on Sherbrooke Ouest corner Peel. It’s kind of easy to miss because there is only a writing on the main door along with other place’s names. Once you get inside there is no indication to where you should go to reach it, but just follow the corridor to your left and you will see it. At the entrance, there is a counter and you see the menu on the wall. There is a mix of Japanese and Korean dishes. This is not a restaurant so the food can be consider as fast food, but it is still yummy and I guess a little bit more healthy?
The place has a few big tables and smaller one with red benches along the side.

The service
Well as I mentioned it’s a fast food style kind of place so you order at the counter, take a place and when the food is ready they will call your number for you to pick up your plate. Overall the staff are polite and the making of the food was pretty quick. The day we went there weren’t a lot of people so things were very quick, we didn’t sit for too long that our supper was ready.

(c) Opiano

(c) Opiano

The food
The portions were small, but enough for us. Ponyta had ordered the ramen, it looks and taste like instant ramen, but she told me that she loved it so I will take her words for it. As for me I’ve ordered the Ebi udon (tempura shrimp), the broth was good, not too salty and the noodles were soft and chewy. Overall I wasn’t disappointed with my order. There are more dishes that I would like to try, but I didn’t really want to eat too much because I wanted to have the dessert too, which was the main reason why I brought Ponyta there.
When we were done we both ordered ourselves some Binsul, also known as shave ice with goodies on top 😀 Ponyta has the small Binsul with mango and I had the small size with red bean. It was delicious! The binsul was originally from a place call Painnamou on Bishop street, but the place closed down last April, but the good new was that Opiano acquire the machine and now they are back for the hot summer! The portion was enough and even a bit big for Ponyta as she eats like a bird.

The food was not bad, I wouldn’t say it was the best place I had ever been, but for some fast food it was pretty good. The service could have been better like they could bring us our dishes, but it is not a problem itself. The binsul is without a doubt the best part in there. The portion can be a little bit bigger for the soup, as I saw some customer have the bibimbap (rice dish with meat and vegetable top with an egg) and it was huge. The bento too seem to have a lot. For sure I will come back there with Ponyta and Bayleef to try out other dishes. Bayleef was suppose to come too, but she ditched us at the last moment and she is regretting it now LOL I would definitely recommend the place for a quick meal or if you just want to hang with friends over a binsul.

1115 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 1G6
(438) 333-3335
Opiano Facebook


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