Park Restaurant

This post was made long ago, but I only publish it now due to lazyness, I’m sorry

116 Park Restaurant has its own reputation by now and most of you have heard of it already, but have you had the experience of dining there? Yes or no, here is my own experience at Park for a Valentine supper with my Beau (but still manage to snap some pictures for the review 😀 )

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take good quality pictures to justify the goodness and beautiful presentation of the plates therefore I will only post some of them which was ok. Please also take note that I don’t remember all the name of the fishes/dishes that we had as my memory is worst than the one of the goldfish. So let’s start!

The place
Park restaurant is located on Victoria Avenue corner Sherbrooke in Westmount area of Montreal. It is a small restaurant and there is two way to access the place. You can either enter by their main entrance or through the building’s door in which they are located in. The place is actually, should I say, a store turn into restaurant as their washrooms are shared with the building and not in the restaurant itself. Upon entering the place, the high ceiling makes the place seems to be like a high class restaurant. It is actually a high class restaurant due to the quality of the food, I guess. The restaurant is pretty small, with a total of 11 tables, four places at the bar and four others at the chef’s counter. The decoration is simple: ceiling with chandelier, 3 big black board for the menu, a bar and chef counter with three banquet tables at the window which gives it more of a cozy feel. It is also an open kitchen, which mean you can see what is happening in the kitchen and at the chef’s counter when you are sitting near it, which we were.

The service
We arrive right at the starting of the second part of the day, which was at 6 o’clock. Upon entering we got welcome by a waitress who asked to take our coat away which was very sweet of her as the places are tightly close. We were seated very quickly. There is no paper menu and everything is written on the black board which was on the three wall.
I must say the waiting time, once we were seated, was very long. I was advice by phone when they called back to confirm our reservation that the second service was at 9 o’clock which mean we have from 6 to 9 to dine. It took about 20-30 minutes before our waitress come back to ask us about our drink and explained to us how everything works. After explaining to us the choices of either ordering from the menu board or take their tasting menu she left us to decide and didn’t come back for another 20 minutes which was very long. Overall the waitress’ service took about an hour which was relatively very long as there wasn’t a lot of people when we got in and there was a total of 4-5 waitress/waiter for the number of tables there.

After ordering, the waiting time in between dishes was also very long, some of them even take up to more than 30 minutes. Half of the tables there ordered about the same dishes (tasting menu) so I can understand that it might take time, but if you put out a trial menu shouldn’t they expect it and make thing in advance? And on the trial you only get a one portion of what you have order (see pictures). I understand that they won’t be doing things in advance due to their reputation of freshness, but the time they take to serve us our dishes was too long. They need to improve their speed on that.

The Food
We have ordered the tasting menu for two and exchange one of the dish, cow tongue, to a sushi roll instead because I cannot eat cow’s tongue (that is one part which I did not like trying). In the tasting menu, it starts with either a beef soup, which I also change mine to a miso soup. The beef soup taste very authentic and it was not just some power or pre-made soup, it really taste like beef bones sitting in water for hours to get all the juice out. As for the miso soup, I really cannot tell if it was power or real miso (I am a noob at this miso thing, sorry -_- )

20150221_184536 After we finished with our soup, it was time for the fist dish, which was crispy fish on sauce. It was basically a fried piece of fish, the skin was very crispy and the meat was firm, not flaky at all. Overall, this dish was ok, the sauce did not give it a wow factor either. It was juicy, but personally the taste was not there.
I would have thought that the sauce will give it its flavor, but the sauce did not really change the fact that it was only a piece of fried fish. I was quite disappointed with this first dish

20150221_192329 The second dish, which was the one my boyfriend took, was scallop on a piece of cow’s tongue. As I have mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of the tongue thing therefore I didn’t try it. I have try the scallop though and it was cook perfectly, not dry at all. As for my boyfriend’s comment on the cow’s tongue, it was also his first time trying it and he liked it. The meat was well cook and was melting in the mouth, but his response upon asking if he would try it again, to which he answered no. Since none of us like the texture of that part of the cow, I guess this would be his last time ordering that dish. Overall, on my part the scallop was good, the sauce went well with it. It didn’t give an overpowering taste and still leave the original taste of the scallop which was melting in your mouth.

20150221_192334As for my part, I exchanged the cow’s tongue dish with a roll of sushi garnish with a slide of figue on top. A side note, since the sushi was done on order, it was warm when we receive it which I was not very use too as I prefer my sushi to be a bit colder. We both agree, me and my boyfriend, that the sushi roll was very tasty. With it home made sauce, I believed it to be an unagi sauce, it was not too sweet nor salty as its base is soya sauce. The sushi was melting in the mouth and also came with, what I think to be, a home made “Wafu” sauce. Which complement very well the unagi sauce and the sushi itself. Overall, it was one of my favorite dish so far, the figue was a bit of a strange combination, but it wasn’t a bad choice.

20150221_185757The last dish of the day are various sushi on a very longue dish XD We each got one piece of each: Octopus, Tuna, Salmon, Unagi/eel and other kind that I, unfortunately cannot recall their names. This order was not the one that disappointed me the most, but there is neither anything to impress me. The only sushi I like was the one with a slide of jalapeno on the top. As you put it in your mouth, you will taste the sushi first, when you are done swallowing then the jalapeno kicks in. Overall, the dish was really good, the fishes melt in your mouth and they were fresh.

20150221_200225The desert came in after the long plate of sushi, it was Panna Cotta and soft cake with raspberry sauce. It was delicious! It was the first time I had Panna Cotta. It was soft and creamy, not too sweet and the flavors were well balance. I wanted more!

Overall our experience there for the first time was good. It was very expensive for the trial menu for two. The freshness that they advertise was there and authenticity too. For the experience of a high quality restaurant I would definitely recommend it, but I will strongly not recommend taking the trial menu. The trial menu is for those who want to experience sushi for the first time because everything was fresh and delicious which will help greatly in appreciating this type of food.
As I have mentioned, they need to work on their waiting time. We tried a few time to call someone to take our orders, but in the end we still needed to wait for the waitress appointed at our table to come.

I do love the fact that each week there’s a different thing on the menu depending on the freshness of the day and the season.

Park Restaurant
378 Avenue Victoria, Westmount, QC H3Z 2N4
(514) 750-7534


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