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116Hi! My name is Baymax… no my name is…. wait, I have too many nicknames therefore just simply refer to me as Munchlax on this blog. I am honored to be the first to post something in this blog, as I have too much free time. I will be featured from time to time, I also happen to have a blog on foodies, which you can find here… and various other stuffs *coughANIMEMANGAcough* Ok enough of the intro.


I have given this place a lot of chances and it never disappointed me… so far anyway. I went to this place within the first week of its opening and wanted to try to out some “real” ramen, as other places I went had ramen that tasted like instant noodles (I got fooled ໒( ⇀ ‸ ↼ )७ ).

My story with Misoya is that I have always found their broth really salty. The first time I went there, I’ve tried their Spicy Tokyo Style Ramen. It was super salty, like, did the chef pour half of the bag of salt in there or something? We also ordered some side dishes such as dumplings and Korokke (which is fried chicken) and they were not that great either.

A year later, I’ve decided to give them a second chance and went back there with my Japanese sensei as he had craving for ramen.

The place


Image © Misoya Ramen

It’s located in a basement on Bishop Street, corner de Maisonneuve, right in front of Concordia University. At the restaurant window, you can see a display of ramen bowls. You have to walk down some stairs in order to get inside, they can be slippery in the winter so be careful. Upon entering, you will be cheered by the usual Japanese greeting of “Irashaimase” by all the staffs and the smell of the food will just make you hungrier.

It is a small restaurant with about 9 tables and the counter, from which you can see the cooks, which can hold about four other seats. They also have a special counter on which you can just stand and eat your ramen when you are on a rush. This feature is kind of useless, since I have never seen anyone doing that.

The decoration inside is quite simple with a few frame here and there, à la Japanese style of course. Between the gray-coloured walls, a hint of red can be seen on the chairs and on some paintings which give a little touch that pop out.

The service

It really depends on the day and who is the waiter/waitress that day. I often get mixed reviews on this. The first time I went, the service wasn’t that great, but when I went back and everything was super fast. Overall, I can say they need improvement in pace. Sometimes, when there’s too many customers, we tend to be forgotten, as we sat near the corner of the restaurant, far from the entrance. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints toward the food and orders that we had so far.

EDIT: This is so recurring that I have to mention it here. This is the 4th time that it happen as I go back to the place that it bothers me. The service has become awful due to one employee’s incompetence. There is one male employee, I don’t know if he is an employee or the manager there, but he doesn’t know how to give proper service. Please keep in mind that whenever we go, there aren’t a lot of customers in the restaurant therefore I don’t know what can explain his behavior. There are time when he forgot to take our order and let us sit there for about 30 minutes when our menu was close (as you usually do when you are ready to order). One time he literally snatches the menu out of our hands after asking us if we were done ordering, as my boyfriend was taking a last look at the side dishes page. And we also caught him calculating the tip to see if we had given him enough. Those behaviors are obviously rude to the customers. I like to eat at the restaurant, but I am reluctant to go back whenever that man is working.

The food


Kyoto style © Me

The menu is quite simple. Basically, the ramen are separate in four different styles: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Nagoya and the 5th one is for the vegetarian in you. Each style has their own flavor. The ramen comes with various ingredients, but you have the choice to add in more toppings (for a small extra price, of course). My favorite ones were always egg and corn (‐^▽^‐)

This time, I had ordered Kyoto style ramen (Shiromiso spicy ramen), which had a mild flavor to it. The broth was less salty due to less miso paste, I guess. I basically tried every style of ramen they have there and my favorite one is still Kyoto style. I have yet to try the vegeterian one (but Ponyta and Mewtwo can tell you more about it, if they ever read this). For a starter, I really would recommend Kyoto style first, then move to the Kome Miso (Hokkaido Style). They also introduced other “dried” food such as Fried pork on rice (Tonkatsu), but… it didn’t taste that great in my opinion. Therefore, only go there for ramen.


Karaage (c) Carol-Anne


Yasai Ramen (c) Carol-Anne


After all the fake ramen I’ve had so far, I would rate this 4♡/5

There is always room for improvement

Misoya Ramen
2065A Bishop
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 373-4888
Their menu can be found on their facebook page.

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